About Us

Coursedude.com  is an initiative by a team of  enthusiastic SEO and SMO professionals.



We have a mission to deliver toprated e- courses to the learners at highly discounted price . Currently we are offering e-courses from Udemy.


Why will I take course from Coursedude? Why not directly from Udemy?

Udemy have more than 60,000 courses and 7+ million learners. The price range of most of the courses in Udemy  is $9 to $299. There are many learners all over the world who cannot afford such high prices.


Sometimes Instructors offer their courses at discounted prices and advertise the same in different social media channels. We are trying hard to gather all of these into one place so that learners can get all type of courses within the price range of $1 to $25.


 What will I do if I do not get the desired course here?

Don’t worry! We’re always with you. If you do not get the course which you are looking for, please fill up the form http://www.coursedude.com/request_course.php?cx=6  by giving the details.

Coursedude team will try their best to get the course for you and will deliver the link in your inbox.


I am an Instructor. I want to submit my course here. What will I do?

You are always welcome. Please send us the course link with the coupon code and validity period to our email id info@coursedude.com.

Please follow the rules while making the course coupons:-

(i) Make the coupon code containing the word “coursedude”. It’ll make you understand how much sales has been generated by us.

(ii) Try to make the coupon code with more than 80% discounted price or keep the discounted price within the range of $1-$25. It’ll help you to get more sales and more students.

(iii) Try to keep the validity more than 6 months and make at least 1000 coupon per course.


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